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To add recipes, create a new Google document from the template below, save it under the recipe name, then publish it as a web page (one of the options under sharing).  Once it has been published, add it as an item to the list below, indicating the type of recipe and the number it serves.  (Note: Good candidates for additional/trial Dutch Oven Recipes available at Byron's Dutch Oven Recipes, which is where we have gotten hits like Sausage Soufflé in the past!)

Recipe Template Document

Train Wreck Breakfast Car camp/Patrol 6-8

Pasta with Bacon and Pesto Car Camp/Patrol 8

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Breakfast Car Camp/Patrol 8
Ham or Turkey Sandwiches Car Camp/Patrol 6

Easy Spaghetti Car Camp/Patrol 5

Everybody Wants S'More (Dessert) Car Camp/Patrol 8 - 16 

No Clean-up Scattered Sushi Backpack/Patrol 8 - 12 

Cobbler As You Like It (Dessert) Dutch Oven 8 - 12 

Tall Torte a l'Orange (Dessert) Dutch Oven 8 - 12 

Chipotle Pulled Pork Dutch Oven 8 - 12 

No Clean-up Pork Fried Rice Backpack/Patrol 8 - 12 

Camporee Chipotle Chili Colorado Dutch Oven 8 - 10 

Sausage Souffle (Breakfast) Dutch Oven 8 - 10 

Dutch Oven O'Brien Potatoes (Breakfast) Dutch Oven 8 - 10 

Hungarian Goulash Dutch Oven 8 - 10 

Buffalo Stew Backpack/Patrol 8 

Bear River Pad Thai Backpack/Patrol 8 

Asian Veggie Noodle Foil Meals Car Camp/Patrol 8 

Mountain Man Breakfast Dutch Oven 8 

Jambalaya Backpack/Patrol 8 

Tortilla Soup Backpack/Patrol 8 

Unstuffed Duck Backpack/Patrol 8 

Macaroni and Cheeeeese! Backpack/Patrol 8 

New England Style Clam Chowder Backpack/Patrol 8 

Classic Beef Stew Foil Meals Car Camp/Patrol 8 

Mr. Bill's Garlic Bread Backpack/Patrol 8 

Cassoulet with Chicken and Italian Sausages Dutch Oven 8 

Chili Verde Especial Dutch Oven 8 

No Clean-up Ten Minute Tamales Backpack/Patrol 8 

Easy Bagel Breakfast Backpack/Patrol 8 

Crocodile Scales and Puppy Dog Tails Backpack/Patrol 8 

No Clean-up Pizza Roll-ups Backpack/Patrol 8 

Bread from Scratch Backpack/Patrol 8 

No Clean-up Bobby's Crab Cakes Backpack/Patrol 8 

Ugly Spaghetti (It Isn't Pretty, but It Tastes Great!)  Backpack/Patrol 8 

Potatoes O'Brien Backpack/Patrol 8 

No Clean-up Cold Cuts (Winter Only) Backpack/Patrol 8 

Beef Stroganoff Backpack/Patrol 8 

Snips and Snails and Crocodile Scales Backpack/Patrol 8 

Santa Fe Cheese Enchiladas Dutch Oven 8 

No Clean-up PB&J Burritos Backpack/Patrol 8 

Pioneer Pizza/Backcountry Calzone Backpack/Patrol 8 

Trail Mix Backpack/Patrol 8 

Tamale Pie Foil Meals Car Camp/Patrol 8 

Ugly Spaghetti with Bacon Backpack/Patrol 8 

Hopping Black-eyed Peas Dutch Oven 8 

No Clean-up Breakfast Burritos Backpack/Patrol 8 

Caribbean Black Beans And Sausage Dutch Oven 8 

No Clean-up Hobo Pack Dinners (for car camping) Backpack/Patrol 8 

Who Let the Chili Dogz Out? Car Camp/Patrol 8 

Tuna Casserole Backpack/Patrol 8 

Fast Crunchy Lunch Backpack/Patrol 8 

Linguine Gives You Mussels Backpack/Patrol 8 

Hell Hole French Toast Dutch Oven 8 

Shabu Shabu Backpack/Patrol 8 

No Clean-up Bag of Dynamite Backpack/Patrol 8 

Ducking Snowballs Backpack/Patrol 8 

Fiesta Quiche (Breakfast) Dutch Oven 6-8 

Pizza for Breakfast Dutch Oven 6 - 8 

German Pancake (Breakfast) Dutch Oven 6 - 8 

Way to Use Your Noodles! Backpack/Patrol 4 

Dehydrated Food Backpack/Individual 1 - 2 

One Person Unstuffed Chicken Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Scattered Sushi Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Pizza Roll-ups Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Scrambled SOS Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person SpaghEasy Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Black Bart Chili Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Ugly Spaghetti (Veggie) Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Bag o' Dynamite Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Bobby's Crab Cakes Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Grits 'n' Cheese Breakfast Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Creamy Oatmeal Breakfast Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Pork Fried Rice Backpack/Individual 1 

One Person Pork Tamales Backpack/Individual 1 










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