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You are welcome to visit our Troop at anytime!
Scout meetings are every Tuesday night from 7:15pm until 8:30pm, all year round, including summer, except National Holidays, Thanksgiving and Winter Break. We meet at First Baptist Church, 1515 Santa Clara Avenue (corner of Stanton St and Santa Clara Ave). Enter from the back of the building in the parking lot off Stanton St. NOTE: due to Covid-19 Restrictions we are currently meeting weekly over zoom. Email us for details - we would love to have you visit!

Come visit us on a Tuesday meeting and talk with one of our Scoutmasters.  We will walk you through the process, it's easy!

If you have any questions, please email

Brand New to Scouting

In Alameda, a youth that is brand new to Scouts may join Troop 73 in Alameda if they have graduated the fifth grade, or will become 11 years old within 6 months of joining. Parents fill out and sign the standard Scout Youth Application Form, pay Troop fees, and attend Parent Committee meetings.

Troop 73 will provide our cornucopia of items (Scout Handbook, Troop neckerchief and slide, red epaulets, and the Troop “7” and “3” numbers) at a troop meeting or upcoming Court of Honor awards ceremony, and the brand new Scout may begin earning requirements for the Scout Rank right away (even if they do not have the Scout Handbook yet).

Transferring from Webelos

At, or by the time of, the Pack Blue and Gold Dinner, parents fill out the standard Boy Scout Youth Application form, and Troop 73 publicly awards our cornucopia of items (Scout Handbook, Troop neckerchief and slide, green epaulets, and the Troop “7” and “3” numbers) to Webelos joining our Troop.

Often a Webelos Scout mistakenly believes they must wait to join a chosen Scout Troop at the official crossing over ceremony at their Pack Blue and Gold Dinner. However, if the Webelo has earned their Arrow of Light award, and there are no Den or Pack scheduling conflicts, a scout graduating into Troop 73 in Alameda may begin attending our regular Troop meetings anytime after the first of the year, and parents attend the Parent Committee meetings. The scout can begin earning the Scout Rank requirements right away, even if they do not have a Scout Handbook yet (you and your child would still attend his Pack Blue and Gold Dinner and cross over ceremony when it comes around).

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